Below is a record of all the tasks that I need to complete before a certain date. To make it more interesting I think that whenever I complete something, I should reward myself…hmm not sure what yet, I’ll have to decide.

  • Order all the dolls house furniture and pieces – 5th February 2011 8th February 2011 Completed
  • Hang more work and ideas up in the studio8th February 2011 Completed
  • Print out the carpet and flooring to test out9th February 2011 Completed
  • Buy the accessories for the dolls house –18th February Completed
  • Officially print off the wall paper – 11th February 2011 16th February 2011 18th February 2011 21st February 2011 Completed
  • Cut out the window and door – 14th February 2011 21st February 2011 Completed
  • Start taking photographs – 21st February 2011 Started
  • Buy brown paint and PVA glue – 21st February 2011 Completed
  • Print out the books and put together – Cancelled
  • Finish putting up the wallpaper – 16th February 2011 22nd February 2011 24th February 2011 Completed
  • Cut out the skirting board – 22nd February 2011 25th February 2011 Completed
  • Apply the carpet25th February 2011 Completed
  • Buy the TV, curtains, plant, clock,light switch, nets, door handle and ceiling light26th February 2011 Completed
  • Start editing photographs – 24th February 2011 28th February 2011
  • Present my work in the convenor11th March 2011 Completed
  • Start a new project14th March 2011 Started
  • Research22 March 2011 Working on
  • Check t-shirt prices-  26th March 5th April Completed
  • Work out lighting – 6th March 3rd may
  • Finish marking out wood- 6th April Completed
  • Buy T-shirts (black) – 6th April Completed
  • Prepare screen- 6th April  Completed
  • Continue printing- 8th April
  • Buy dolls house toilet and accessories from Ebay6th May 7th May 12th May Completed
  • Look for wallpaper and flooring – 7th May
  • Contact people about recording their voice – 7th May Completed
  • Work on script for video – 7th May Completed
  • Finish writing out what I’m going to say for Viva Voce –8th May 16th May Completed
  • Cut out bath – 9th May Completed
  • Finish cutting out bathroom –9th May  12th May Completed
  • Experiment with sound on video –10th May Completed
  • Finish recording voiced – 11th May  15th May  Completed
  • Write 150 words for dissertation- 11th May Completed
  • Viva Voce presentation – 17th May Completed
  • Interview Gran about her life – 4th June
  • Work on editing film – 12th June Completed
  • Print T-shirts –4th November Completed
  • Buy old looking jewellery – 29th November Completed
  • Take photographs with T-shirts10th May 12th May  11 December
  • Begin ordering items offline for the dolls house bedroom – 11th December

More tasks will come when I think of them.

You may have noticed that the dates for certain tasks are far away from the previous date or that it takes me quite a long time to complete something, because in-between these dates I have other commitments and so my work goes on hold.

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