Low light photography

At this present moment I’m researching low lighting, so I thought that I would post a bunch of photographs that I found interesting.


[Source: lechphoto.wordpress.com]



[Source: Unknown]


[Source: karlredshaw.com]

Artist: Shirin Neshat







All images by Shirin Neshat

Woman Leaning over Banister

I’ve been away for a while

I know that I haven’t been posting much lately, but recently I feel like I’ve gone dry with ideas on what to do next. So what I did was use a room (all the seminar rooms were fully booked, so I din’t get a chance to hang them up properly) and placed all the major pieces of my artwork in there and just sat down and thought things over, with a pencil and paper.

It actually did help me and I have some ideas that I think will be great for me now and in the future works.  Watch this blog as it will be starting back up again 😀

Girl sitting on chair collage

New Image: 70s Portrait

New T-shirt Slogan – Woman! Know Your Place


Sitting on bedroom floor collage

T-shirt slogans

The long awaited photographs of my current project which I’m planning to have as a very big series. At this present moment they don’t have a title. Any ideas?

I copied these images from paintings. And from this I took these negative texts on the T-shirts and rejected them to say the text is wrong and that the people the text refers to are beautiful like the western world considers these paintings.

Vermeer- The Kitchen maid

Ingres- The source

Once this project is complete, I won’t include the paintings along side them.

Barbara Kruger

I absolutely love these images by Barbara Kruger. There is so much meaning behind them, I can’t help but think about the conditions of women throughout art and in everyday life.

Women’s periods…whats the problem?

(This is a response to some of the images in my previous post, of women being limited to certain places when on their period.)

The images got me thinking about women’s periods in general and how it’s considered taboo to talk about it. There are a lot of women out there that were told when they first started their period that it should be kept a secret and not paraded around town. It’s something embarrassing and should not be spoken about, especially to men.

So I ask you why is it forbidden to speak about periods when it is natural and happens to every woman?

Slogan’s and signs for women

I can’t believe the image and slogan “Woman! Know your place”. I’m in shock.

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