Sneak preview

A preview of my work so far. This image looks better then I thought, I might use this for the final image. The tiles in the background have been printed from the internet, can you tell?

What do you think?

Doll house door fitted

Some photograph’s with the door in place. It’s a real tight squeeze and  I have to give the door a big push for it to open.

Applying the window and door

Today I cut out the sections of the wood where the door and window would go. It fit nicely however the walls surrounding the window is a bit uneven so I’ll have to fix that bit later.

I also fixed the wallpaper permanently onto the wall although I did not complete this as I needed to print out more. I’m very disappointed with the amount of work I did today, hopefully I will do a lot more tomorrow.

Room box…nearly finished

I did a quick print out of the wallpaper that I am more than likely going to use. I applied it to some card which was then placed inside the room box. I think the living room looks good, however in the photograph the wallpaper is coming off bluer then in real life. This is a big thing for me because some of the rooms were originally brown.

The white piece of paper at the back is representing the door, and there will be a window above the two single sofas.

Dolls house furniture

All my furniture for my room book came today, I was so excited when I saw all the packages in the postman’s hand that I stopped what I was doing to focus half an hour to opening and looking at the items.

This is literally the layout of the original room (I must see if there is a photograph around to properly refer to). The paper is where the door and window will be.

Things I need to do now is cut out the window and door and apply the wallpaper and flooring. I will be printing out the wallpaper tomorrow, which is very exciting.

I’m a little disappointed in the sofa because it looks very worn and badly made, I’m not sure if I should contact the seller to return them.

Am I over reacting and being fussy? Is this what miniature sofa chairs look like? Someone help!

Graham & Brown Wallpapers

During my search of looking for retro geometric wallpaper, I came across a website called Graham and Brown. They have made a large amount influenced from 1900-1970s design wallpapers. The wallpapers are amazing and truly beautiful.



[Images Graham & Brown]

More and more wallpapers

I asked my mother what wallpapers looked familiar to her and she chose these;

This was her favourite one. (above)

[Images above Jennifer’s free printable dollhouse wallpaper]

I’m glad she choice this one above, because my memory of the house all those years ago is correct. There is something recognisable about vintage geometric wallpapers.

[Images above Vintage wallpaper]

More doll’s house wallpapers

More wallpapers patterns that I might use for the room box.

[Images Jennifer’s free printable dollhouse wallpaper]

Great wallpaper websites

I found some great websites, that have wallpapers that I might use for my roombox. Some of the websites are not miniatures, but I’m sure I’ll be able to convert them easily enough.

[Image Vintage wallpaper]

A great website with vintage wall papers

[Image Orange Wallpaper]

[Image Print Minis]

To see the full image click here

Doll’s house wallpaper

I found a couple of doll’s house printable wallpapers at this amazing website called Jennifer’s free doll house and miniature printables. I really suggest a visit to this site because you will be amazed.

I’m not sure if I will use these wallpapers but there is something very familiar about them, it resembles wallpaper in one of the rooms which I cannot remember. I think it might’ve been the bedroom, I’ll have to check with my mum. Anyway what do you think of the wallpapers below?

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