Text for my Photograph

Last minute details for my exhibition, but I’m in two minds if I should include the text. I’ll decide when I hang up the photograph.

I’ve been away for a while

I know that I haven’t been posting much lately, but recently I feel like I’ve gone dry with ideas on what to do next. So what I did was use a room (all the seminar rooms were fully booked, so I din’t get a chance to hang them up properly) and placed all the major pieces of my artwork in there and just sat down and thought things over, with a pencil and paper.

It actually did help me and I have some ideas that I think will be great for me now and in the future works. ¬†Watch this blog as it will be starting back up again ūüėÄ

My mini bathroom objects

Some of the objects that I ordered of Ebay came today. I love opening packages that I get, even though I know what’s inside it’s still exciting. Anyway only 3 of the 5 items came today so I’m hoping they all will arrive by tomorrow. Does the sink look a little bit big? I think I might’ve ordered the wrong size.

I’m still around

Lovely readers, I have not forgotten about this blog. I’m just really busy writing my essay right now so I’m rarely blogging, but don’t worry because from May 3rd I will be able to continue this blog fully with no distractions.

Until then,


I really should have planned this earlier, because the photography suite is fully booked right now so that means I have to wait until the 3rd of may to put my name down to use it. I’m a bit¬†disappointed¬†but this will give me lots of time to just focus on my essay and my family¬†photograph¬†project.

I’m going to have my t-shirts ready for then, which I’m going to start tomorrow in the screen printing room. I went there yesterday and she told me the price of the screen was around ¬£3. The basic paints are free which is an extra bonus however she did say that some colours are not good on dark t-shirts. I would have to pay for some better paint which I think was ¬£1.20 for 100g.

Women’s periods…whats the problem?

(This is a response to some of the images in my previous post, of women being limited to certain places when on their period.)

The images got me thinking about women’s periods in general and how it’s considered taboo to talk about it. There are a lot of women out there that were told when they first started their period that it should be kept a secret and not paraded around town. It’s something embarrassing and should not be spoken about, especially to men.

So I ask you why is it forbidden to speak about periods when it is natural and happens to every woman?

The convenor

These are some shots that I took while I was preparing for my convenor.

My convenor went o.k, although I feel that when I presented just my photographs last term it went more smoothly. (Click here to see the photographs).

The main points they focused on was:

  • Why recreate a model, why did I not just use old photographs.
  • The issue with all my lost photographs.
  • The cut out and the background looked fake. e.g. the difference in the depth of field. (some liked it that way) however I did stress that it was not finished.
  • I have gone back to basics, which makes it more real because making models is what people use to do. It has now advanced ¬†to CGI.

Thats all I can remember right now. My brain is still tired from having less then four hours sleep everyday before the convenor.

Doll’s house/room box

Nearly finished now. I’m just working on the arm and chair covers. In a previous post I mentioned that I was making some sort of arm cover for my chair, but I did not know the name of it. I have recently discovered that the name is antimacassar and arm caps. ūüėÄ (the material over the chairs).

Enjoy ūüėÄ

Doll house/Room box curtains and netting

I made the doll house netting and curtains. I brought the fabric from a local shop that specialises in material, and brought the closest design of what the curtains looked like to me.

I didn’t have to worry about a curtain poll because my nan never had one, she resorted instead to tying up the curtains with string instead. (She made her curtains herself)

So for the doll curtain’s I made little pegs to tie the curtain string around to hold it up. This same peg is to hold the netting up with also.

I was so proud of myself when I was making it, however once it was all completed my feelings quickly change because to my horror I realised I had made the curtains TOO SMALL!

What do you think? Does it really look that bad?

Dolls house window ledge

I made the window ledge out of thick card which I painted white. The thickness of the MDF wood was too thick for the window, that the only way to neaten it was to apply a window ledge. 

Finally painted the window and door but with an error

I brought all my work home yesterday as I didn’t really feel like working in my studio.

For some reason it took me a long time to paint the window and door, too long in fact. But I eventually did it. I got a great tip from my tutor to add a piece of cardboard over the door so that it looked like the original one that my nan had and not the popular four panel door design that I brought of Ebay. (Do you like my temporary cutting board? I left my usual one in the studio :D)

I tried different thicknesses of card, however I preferred to use the blue card as it was thiner. This allowed the door to open without getting stuck.

This is the finished door which isn’t as smooth as I hoped. I thought I had a finished image of the window, but oh well. I got carried away with my painting that it slipped my mind not to paint the wood where it will not be seen in the doll house because it won’t fit. It already was a tight squeeze with applying any paint.

So thats the trouble that occurred. The door and window would not fit through the holes and I had already applied the wallpaper so I wasn’t able to sand down the edges. My only option was to scrape away the acrylic paint. Luckily it eventually fitted, but it is much tighter than before.

I forgot to mention that I changed the wallpaper because I felt the previous one was to grand for the type of room and period my room is set in.

Some more items purchased off Ebay

I brought some more items off Ebay just now. I brought a miniature floor lamp and a mahogany coffee table. They both look amazing, especially the coffee table which resembles my nan’s so much.

Here are the images;

I’ve realised that I don’t think I’ll be able to meet the deadline of ordering everything off Ebay by tomorrow because some of the bidding times end in 5 days or so, however I’ll order as much as I can.

More and more reading!!!!

I’m spending the majority of my time reading and it always gets harder the later the¬†time gets.

What doesn’t help is that 2 weeks ago I found out I was dyslexic. My working memory is really bad so I find it difficult to remember things. I always believed it was just me, I wasn’t concentrating enough. Another problem of mine was I couldn’t remember peoples birth dates or names, It may of come off as rude to other people that I had no time to remember people names, but I truly couldn’t remember it.

I’m really embarrassed to admit, but I still after 9 years can’t remember what my youngest sisters birthdate is, no matter how much I try.

…in search of Domain registrar

This is harder than I thought, I don’t know which Domain name registrar to choose. I want a reliable and trustworthy company that is going to communicate well and is a good price. Why is this hard to find? I need advice.

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