I’ve been away for a while

I know that I haven’t been posting much lately, but recently I feel like I’ve gone dry with ideas on what to do next. So what I did was use a room (all the seminar rooms were fully booked, so I din’t get a chance to hang them up properly) and placed all the major pieces of my artwork in there and just sat down and thought things over, with a pencil and paper.

It actually did help me and I have some ideas that I think will be great for me now and in the future works. ¬†Watch this blog as it will be starting back up again ūüėÄ


I really should have planned this earlier, because the photography suite is fully booked right now so that means I have to wait until the 3rd of may to put my name down to use it. I’m a bit¬†disappointed¬†but this will give me lots of time to just focus on my essay and my family¬†photograph¬†project.

I’m going to have my t-shirts ready for then, which I’m going to start tomorrow in the screen printing room. I went there yesterday and she told me the price of the screen was around ¬£3. The basic paints are free which is an extra bonus however she did say that some colours are not good on dark t-shirts. I would have to pay for some better paint which I think was ¬£1.20 for 100g.


It’s that time in the year when I have to write another essay, so I won’t be blogging that much or doing a lot of art work.

I’m going to try and balance everything out evenly so I have enough time to do other things . (I hope) ūüėÄ

The convenor

These are some shots that I took while I was preparing for my convenor.

My convenor went o.k, although I feel that when I presented just my photographs last term it went more smoothly. (Click here to see the photographs).

The main points they focused on was:

  • Why recreate a model, why did I not just use old photographs.
  • The issue with all my lost photographs.
  • The cut out and the background looked fake. e.g. the difference in the depth of field. (some liked it that way) however I did stress that it was not finished.
  • I have gone back to basics, which makes it more real because making models is what people use to do. It has now advanced ¬†to CGI.

Thats all I can remember right now. My brain is still tired from having less then four hours sleep everyday before the convenor.

Dolls house skirting board

I was a bit worried about how I was going to cut out the angle to join the pieces for the skirting board together. But luckily they had a mitre cut in the woodworks room. Well I think it’s called that, here’s a picture of it.

It was easy to use and a fabulous tool to have. I got the wood strips from the scrap bin, there was so much off cuts. So this was a bonus, something free for a change.

The  skirting board fitted wonderfully, and I think completes the room (I still need to glue them in place).

Applying the window and door

Today I cut out the sections of the wood where the door and window would go. It fit nicely however the walls surrounding the window is a bit uneven so I’ll have to fix that bit later.

I also fixed the wallpaper permanently onto the wall although I did not complete this as I needed to print out more. I’m very disappointed with the amount of work I did today, hopefully I will do a lot more tomorrow.

Getting anxious now

I ordered a window of Ebay on Wednesday 9th February and it still hasn’t come. Looking at my Ebay record they still haven’t even sent the item off yet. AHHHH!

This is going to completely delay me, I’m meant to start measuring and cutting out the window and door tomorrow, which I obviously will not be doing. The door turned up on Friday and I was expecting the window on Saturday. I just really hope it turns up on Tuesday, or I might have to get in contact with the seller and have a bit of a moan. ūüėÄ


Studio space

I’ve been using my studio space much more, I’m so proud. I’m literally in everyday, look at the difference now. Sorry about the quality my phone doesn’t take great images and I forgot my camera.


Extended deadline

I have extended the deadline of ordering all the miniature furniture from the 5th of February until the 8th of February so that there is enough time to actually bid for everything off Ebay. I’m a little disappointed that I have not stuck to this deadline but it is out of my hands.

Some more items purchased off Ebay

I brought some more items off Ebay just now. I brought a miniature floor lamp and a mahogany coffee table. They both look amazing, especially the coffee table which resembles my nan’s so much.

Here are the images;

I’ve realised that I don’t think I’ll be able to meet the deadline of ordering everything off Ebay by tomorrow because some of the bidding times end in 5 days or so, however I’ll order as much as I can.

Task completed: Making the roombox

My task is complete. I have completed the deadline days early which is a great start to my commitment to the work.

The next task that I have now set for myself is to have ordered the majority of my products online by the 5th February. This does not include when they arrive.

Another task is to find the carpet and wallpaper for the room box and have them printed by the 9th February.

image from www.123rf.com/stock-photo/accept_check_box.html

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