T-shirt slogans

The long awaited photographs of my current project which I’m planning to have as a very big series. At this present moment they don’t have a title. Any ideas?

I copied these images from paintings. And from this I took these negative texts on the T-shirts and rejected them to say the text is wrong and that the people the text refers to are beautiful like the western world considers these paintings.

Vermeer- The Kitchen maid

Ingres- The source

Once this project is complete, I won’t include the paintings along side them.

Making more slogan T-shirts

I’m making more T-shirts for my slogans project. Some of the slogans I’m using are found texts and the others I made up myself. I can’t wait to show you the end results. 

Protected: Screen printing my t-shirts

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Screen printing

I went to a printing shop yesterday to find out the prices for the printed t-shirts. The man told me that the print has to be no bigger then A4 in size and costs £7. This put me off a bit because although my prints are not that big, it limits me to what I need to do. I have to supply my own t-shirts, which is not a problem. These will be coming straight from Primark.

After I left the shop, it instantly occurred to me to use a screen print to print my t-shirts. I’ve done screen printing before and it comes out great. The way the images are printed onto t-shirts (in the shop I visited yesterday) is by ironing it on, so I personally would prefer them to be screen printed.

I can do this at my University which is great. The last time I did this was at an art college for my foundation degree, and the only thing I needed to pay for was the screen. If this is the same then it works out cheaper and I can print my t-shirts in different sizes, for a variety of people to try on.

Some examples of screen printing

[Found: google images]

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