Low light photography

At this present moment I’m researching low lighting, so I thought that I would post a bunch of photographs that I found interesting.


[Source: lechphoto.wordpress.com]



[Source: Unknown]


[Source: karlredshaw.com]

Text for my Photograph

Last minute details for my exhibition, but I’m in two minds if I should include the text. I’ll decide when I hang up the photograph.

New Image: 60s 70s?

Although this is not the project that I’m currently working on, I’m still producing images from this series because I want this to become a big collection. However compared to the rest of the photographs in the series, I feel that they look and have a different feel to them.

I’m still around

Lovely readers, I have not forgotten about this blog. I’m just really busy writing my essay right now so I’m rarely blogging, but don’t worry because from May 3rd I will be able to continue this blog fully with no distractions.

Until then,

Protected: Screen printing my t-shirts

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I really should have planned this earlier, because the photography suite is fully booked right now so that means I have to wait until the 3rd of may to put my name down to use it. I’m a bit disappointed but this will give me lots of time to just focus on my essay and my family photograph project.

I’m going to have my t-shirts ready for then, which I’m going to start tomorrow in the screen printing room. I went there yesterday and she told me the price of the screen was around £3. The basic paints are free which is an extra bonus however she did say that some colours are not good on dark t-shirts. I would have to pay for some better paint which I think was £1.20 for 100g.

Screen printing

I went to a printing shop yesterday to find out the prices for the printed t-shirts. The man told me that the print has to be no bigger then A4 in size and costs £7. This put me off a bit because although my prints are not that big, it limits me to what I need to do. I have to supply my own t-shirts, which is not a problem. These will be coming straight from Primark.

After I left the shop, it instantly occurred to me to use a screen print to print my t-shirts. I’ve done screen printing before and it comes out great. The way the images are printed onto t-shirts (in the shop I visited yesterday) is by ironing it on, so I personally would prefer them to be screen printed.

I can do this at my University which is great. The last time I did this was at an art college for my foundation degree, and the only thing I needed to pay for was the screen. If this is the same then it works out cheaper and I can print my t-shirts in different sizes, for a variety of people to try on.

Some examples of screen printing

[Found: google images]

Doll’s house bathroom

I’ve decided that I’m going to make the bathroom for the family photograph project. I was going to make the kitchen but that might take too long time to do. Maybe even longer then it took me to do the living room.

I hope this blog doesn’t get too confusing because I’m going to be jumping backwards and forwards to new projects and old ones because I’m working on both. Ahh stressful!

T-shirt slogans

I’m not sure where I’m going with this project, so I’m not going to reveal my reasons until later.

This is going to be apart of other small projects that I’m going to be doing alongside the family photographs with the miniature furniture.

I’ve been searching the web looking for T-shirt slogans, some of them are quite eye startling. It’s strange what some people wear on their T-shirts.

Doll house living room test image

A test image of how I’m hoping the finished image will look like.

I’m not focused that much on how authentic the room looks anymore. I think if it looked too real then there wouldn’t be anything special about the photographs.

What do you think? 😀

Doll house door fitted

Some photograph’s with the door in place. It’s a real tight squeeze and  I have to give the door a big push for it to open.

Doll house miniature printable books

I need more books for my book shelf and I found the best place!

At first I was going to make all the books individually, so I am thankful I found this website where I can make the books in bulk. It saves me a lot of time.

Tracey Moffatt: Scarred for life

I spoke to my tutor about wanting to use text with my family photograph series and he suggested for me to look at the artist Tracy Moffatt’s series called “Scarred for life”. The series is great and the text goes well with all the images.

I think Moffatt has influenced me to add hard hitting text to my images, so that it is clear what my work is about and gives the series more of a reason.

Getting anxious now

I ordered a window of Ebay on Wednesday 9th February and it still hasn’t come. Looking at my Ebay record they still haven’t even sent the item off yet. AHHHH!

This is going to completely delay me, I’m meant to start measuring and cutting out the window and door tomorrow, which I obviously will not be doing. The door turned up on Friday and I was expecting the window on Saturday. I just really hope it turns up on Tuesday, or I might have to get in contact with the seller and have a bit of a moan. 😀


Technique to create a miniature photograph

I noticed when I was taking photographs of the room box, I was able to take a photo of all the furniture together.(Refer here to see what I mean) This got me thinking…it would not have be possible to do, it is not possible for me to do in my own home. It really has too much information in the image so the scale of the photograph needs to match the scale of the room.

An idea that came to me was to make the the viewer smaller (if you know what I mean), and to do this I got some black card and cut out a square to the circumference  of the lens. I started with drawing out a smaller square on the card of the 35mm film measurements of a single frame.

I decreased the size by 1/2 a millimetre all around and cut it out.

I cut out 4 smaller rectangles so that it will sit comfortable on the lens without me holding it. This was then glued together.

Where I cut the hole, it revealed on the rim the white underneath the black card. I wasn’t sure if it would show so I painted it with black paint. (If any of that makes any sense).

I then sealed the cracked with gaffer tape to finish the lens box.

This it the final result of what the lens box looks like on. The scale is better and for some reason I really like the black frame around it. It sort of reminds me of a projector video. I defiantly might continue this idea further. If I change my mind I can easily crop it.

I really need to work on the lighting because as you can see it looks very bright.

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