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Sneak preview

A preview of my work so far. This image looks better then I thought, I might use this for the final image. The tiles in the background have been printed from the internet, can you tell?

What do you think?

Working on the dolls house toilet

I worked on the room box some more yesterday, but the thing that had my attention the most was the toilet. I at first tried to paint the tank and the toilet seat black however when I applied the paint it would not stay on. I think the coat underneath was gloss or something so for the paint to stay on it has to be sanded down. I did not have no sandpaper so, I added some PVA glue to the paint to see if it would stick, this worked however I had to keep giving it coats. The paint-glue still is not permanent on the toilet and tank because if I pick at it, it will peal off. So I have to be careful. Apart from that I think it turned out looking very good.

My mini bathroom objects

Some of the objects that I ordered of Ebay came today. I love opening packages that I get, even though I know what’s inside it’s still exciting. Anyway only 3 of the 5 items came today so I’m hoping they all will arrive by tomorrow. Does the sink look a little bit big? I think I might’ve ordered the wrong size.

Doll house living room test image

A test image of how I’m hoping the finished image will look like.

I’m not focused that much on how authentic the room looks anymore. I think if it looked too real then there wouldn’t be anything special about the photographs.

What do you think? 😀

Technique to create a miniature photograph

I noticed when I was taking photographs of the room box, I was able to take a photo of all the furniture together.(Refer here to see what I mean) This got me thinking…it would not have be possible to do, it is not possible for me to do in my own home. It really has too much information in the image so the scale of the photograph needs to match the scale of the room.

An idea that came to me was to make the the viewer smaller (if you know what I mean), and to do this I got some black card and cut out a square to the circumference  of the lens. I started with drawing out a smaller square on the card of the 35mm film measurements of a single frame.

I decreased the size by 1/2 a millimetre all around and cut it out.

I cut out 4 smaller rectangles so that it will sit comfortable on the lens without me holding it. This was then glued together.

Where I cut the hole, it revealed on the rim the white underneath the black card. I wasn’t sure if it would show so I painted it with black paint. (If any of that makes any sense).

I then sealed the cracked with gaffer tape to finish the lens box.

This it the final result of what the lens box looks like on. The scale is better and for some reason I really like the black frame around it. It sort of reminds me of a projector video. I defiantly might continue this idea further. If I change my mind I can easily crop it.

I really need to work on the lighting because as you can see it looks very bright.

Room box…nearly finished

I did a quick print out of the wallpaper that I am more than likely going to use. I applied it to some card which was then placed inside the room box. I think the living room looks good, however in the photograph the wallpaper is coming off bluer then in real life. This is a big thing for me because some of the rooms were originally brown.

The white piece of paper at the back is representing the door, and there will be a window above the two single sofas.

Finished in the workshop already!

I cannot believe that I have finished making the room box after a day and a half. Everything fits well together and is easy to put together and take apart. In total the whole thing cost me £3 which was a reasonable price (I think). However I need to cut out the window and door, although this will not be done until it is ordered online as I’m not sure about the size.

Here is some photographs of my so far finished room box.

I won’t be removing the excess wood from the outer parts of the room box because this will not be seen in the photographs.

This is how each wall will be removed to take photographs from different angles.

A close up of the mortise and tenon joint. The thickness of the wood I used in the end was 12mm

MDF wood measurements

I’m so excited I’m going to my university tomorrow to cut out the wood for my room box. I’m not excited about cutting out the wood its more about knowing that I’m going somewhere with this project. I’m not hanging around doing nothing which I felt I did all last term… but thats behind me and I’m now going to try my best to produce as much work as I can.

Below is the individual wood sizes for each of the five pieces;

Side x2: 22cm x 35cm

Front x2: 30cm x 22cm

Base x 1: 35cm x 30cm

The overall wood measurement has changed to 80cm x 75 cm since I repositioned how the pieces would lie out on the sheet of MDF. (Is this clear? I hope it makes sense)

Note to self

The base of the room box will be thick whereas the walls will not be as the windows and doors will need to fit into them. I need to research this.

The tenon joint will go all the way through the mortise joint, instead of it being just inside the wood (if this makes any sense, I’m really tired).

Room boxes

Here is some miniature room boxes that I found on the internet.

Here is what the miniature room boxes look like complete and furnished. They look great and I hope mine comes out looking as real as these.

Dollhouse prototype

Today I planned to do a quick prototype of how I want my model to be. Well I wanted it to be quick but I ended up spending a lot more time then I actually planned. One thing that has really confused me is the size, I’m not exactly sure what is the right thing for the miniature furniture that I’m planning to buy soon.

I tried to do some research and look around on the internet and I found out that the popular size used today on miniature houses is 1:12. So 1 foot = 1 inch. This sounded perfect sense to me so I decided to measure my living room and bring it down  in scale. It came out really big and was nothing like the size rooms of the doll’s houses I saw on the internet. So I looked around a bit more and found a size room on models called “Room boxes”. Instead of someone building a dollhouse the rooms are just built, which is exactly what I am doing. The size was length: 12 inches, width: 10 inches and height: 9 inches. This sounded much more correct and I built my prototype from this measurement.

All the different angles that could be taken up close and because the walls are removable means from any direction too.

Woud love feedback on this design. Is it any good?

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