Low light photography

At this present moment I’m researching low lighting, so I thought that I would post a bunch of photographs that I found interesting.


[Source: lechphoto.wordpress.com]



[Source: Unknown]


[Source: karlredshaw.com]

Collaged family photographs

This idea of this collage came when I was working out my locations for my photographs. I couldn’t find a location that did not give away that it is the 21st century. So I scanned in some interior images from a book of the 70s and photoshopped in my family. I’ve come back to this idea and I’m experimenting more. These are not finished

New image I’m working on

I decided to work on a new photo today. I’m not really sure what it’s fully about yet, but I thought I’ll post the beginning stages up just to show something as I haven’t posted in ages.

I also going to use the copyright symbol for all my images from now on. In that way I can post more of my images up online.

Protected: Screen printing my t-shirts

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T-shirt slogans

I’m not sure where I’m going with this project, so I’m not going to reveal my reasons until later.

This is going to be apart of other small projects that I’m going to be doing alongside the family photographs with the miniature furniture.

I’ve been searching the web looking for T-shirt slogans, some of them are quite eye startling. It’s strange what some people wear on their T-shirts.

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