It’s been a while but I’m back.

It’s been a while since I last posted on here, but now I’m back and will be posting regularly about my art work, and art work that I find inspirational.

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Photoshoot for Olivia London Ltd

Photoshoot for Olivia London Ltd

Letters from a great grandmother

I cannot believe that I have discovered some letters from my great grandmother to my grandmother. She seems closer then ever now. Before she was just a name but now she is real because I have a part of her, if only I could hear her voice.

This now is the only thing that I have of my great grandmother.

I am Slave

Made in 2010 “I am Slave” directed by Gabriel Range is “based on the real-life experiences of Mende Nazer,the story unfolds as twelve-year-old Malia [later played by Wunmi Mosaku], daughter of champion wrestler Bah,is abducted from her Sudanese village in the Nubar Mountains by pro-government Arab militia and sold into slavery to a woman in Khartoum,who beats her for touching her daughter. After six years she is sent to London,where her name is changed,but her miserable life of servitude continues. Her passport is taken and she is told that her father will die if she goes to the authorities. Fortunately she meets a sympathetic person who seems to offer her the hope of escape and reunion with Bah,back in Sudan. For all the film’s optimism an end title states that there are around 5,000 ‘slave’ workers currently in Britain.”


I truly recommend this film for others to watch. Everything is portrayed so well and it is very effective.

Cakes and Cupcakes

I don’t understand why I haven’t posted these photographs up of my baking. I haven’t made that much and I am still learning, so they don’t look the greatest. But I thought I’ll share them anyway.

2nd cake

4th cake

4th cupcake (these were so nice)

5th cupcake


Right now I’m researching music that is in the style of slavery, and I came across some music that I liked on youtube.

The first one I don’t think is not a song from slavery but it carries the same theme.

New Image: 60s 70s?

Although this is not the project that I’m currently working on, I’m still producing images from this series because I want this to become a big collection. However compared to the rest of the photographs in the series, I feel that they look and have a different feel to them.

Zhe Chen and Tom Stoddart

I had two artists work in August who stood out to me among the more popular artists ands these were Zhe Chen and Tom Stoddart.

Zhe Chen explains her series “Bees” to be about “A marginalised group of people in China, who, faced with violence, chaos, alienation and irredeemable losses in life, feels propelled to leave physical traces an markings on their bodies, in order to preserve and corroborate a pure and sensitive mind from within” [1]

The series “the bearable” is about the artists self-harming on her own body, which she say was a great help getting the images for the “Bees” series. Check out her website, Zhe Chen.

Tom Stoddart’s work was discovered on a road outside of Prestina. There were a lot of bodies, clothes and belongings. It was here where he came across albums and wallets filled with photographs. “They were beautiful…the sun and the rain had made the colours run. They showed all kinds of people- young and old, lovers embracing, more communist-style, formal portraits. If you have just five minutes to get out of your house, you will take your famillies, some money and your photographs. On this road – ‘the Road of Death’ – people had taken entire albums with them” [2] Click Tom Stoddart to see is work.

[1] ‘Inge Morath’ in British Journal of Photography, August 2011 p12

[2] ‘Family Matters’ in British Journal of Photography, August 2011 p17

Cupcakes and a birthday cake

Yesterday was my nieces birthday and so I decided that I was going to make her a birthday cake with cupcakes. I’ve never baked anything in my life, so this was a new experience for me. I think for a first time, these came out looking really good and were extremely tasty. I’ll be making these more often from now on.

Henrik Malmström

I was reading through the British Journal of Photography and one artist that stood out to me this month was Henrik Malmström.  His work titled “On borrowed time” basically sums up what this series is about. His work is very touching as he captures private moments of his sister’s battle with ovarian cancer until her death in April 2008. I really would recommend you have a look at his website because, they truly are amazing photographs. You can feel all the emotions and love he had for his sister, which I think is what makes it a great piece. Check out his website at

Image from

Something different

I decided to post something completely different from what my work is usually about. I think the main reason for this is because I’m not blogging as often as I would like, and it’s mainly to say I’m still here.. So here is my first landscape image, enjoy and tell me what you think 😀

MIchael Jackson… 2 years on

Wow I can hardly believe that it has been 2 years since the death of Michael Jackson. Time has flown so quick. I can clearly remember that tragic night when I recieved a phone call telling me to turn on the news because Michael’s had a heart attack. I ran to the tele and sure enough there was the headlines Michael Jackson’s had a heart attack. My heart was pumping, I was so nervous I could hardly think…Then the headlines changed, Michael Jackson Dead! I gasped and my cousin (on the phone) screamed and hung up the phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I just cried and cried. Around 20 minutes later I started getting phone calls from my friends, asking me if I had heard the news and that they were so sorry. I’m such a big Michael fan so when people who I knew heard the news, they instantly thought of me.

I’ve been a fan for around 15 years, I stuck with him through the good and bad times. He has brought so much joy into my life and so many others. It just annoys me a bit that people are respecting him now that he is dead, where were they before? Well at least I can say I was there and I got to experience his magic.

I feel so lucky that I’ve seen Michael twice, once at the World Music Awards and the other at the O2. Above is my own photograph taken from my camera of Michael at the O2. I know there are a lot of photographs of this occasion, but  this one is special to me because it’s mine.

Menace II society

Finally after so many years I have watched “Menace II society”. It is such a brilliant, meaningful film which you are instantly hooked to. When I was planning to watch it people kept telling me that this film truthfully portrayed black life in the hood. I have never lived in the projects and although some people like to wish, that their area in England was the same, Britain does not have the ghetto. They may have a rough area (which country doesn’t) but if some of these British boys were sent to places in America, Mexico, South Africa, Jamica, Brazil e.t.c. Then they would really know what the ghetto was like.

To me the film doesn’t have much of a storyline, it’s more about us following Caine Lawson’s (Tyrin Turner) story about real life in a tough inner city neighbourhood. I would really recommend watching this film.

The opening briefly shows Caine getting caught up in a grocery store shooting with his friend. This was a chilling way to open the movie, as it shows how easy it is for someone in the ghetto to get caught up in the moment and kill someone. During the opening credits, we see footage of the Watts riots that took place during the 60’s. Caine narrates the story of his life, explaining how after the riots, drugs came into effect, and affected his home life as a child. After loosing his parents on at the hands of drugs, he was sent to live with his Grandparents. His Grandparents love him, but they struggled to raise him and tried their hardest to keep him out of trouble. 

Not too long into the movie, after we learn about Caine’s early life, we see him graduate from High School. He hopes to leave the life of violence that surrounds him in his neighborhood. After falling victim to a violent car jacking, he is brought into violence and crime himself. As the story progresses, and things spiral downward for Caine, he ends up in a hell of a jam and tries to make a way out of it all. 

This is an incredible movie. It perfectly balances the ugly crime life and murder of tough inner city neighborhoods, Caine’s own personal troubles, police brutality, and drugs. 

This is a powerful movie with a great story.

Review from Imdb

In the heat of the night

I’ve finally watched “In the heat of the night” from start to finish. Usually I watch the beginning and something happens why I never get further then around 20 minutes. Anyway “In the heat of the night” released in 1967 stars Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger and Warren Oates.

Detective Virgil Tibbs [Sidney Poitier]is caught up in the racial tension of the US South when he is arrested after the murder of a prominent businessman. Tibbs was simply waiting for his next train at the station in Sparta, Mississippi and the confusion is soon resolved but when local police chief Gillespie [Rod Steiger] learns that Tibbs is the Philadelphia PD’s number one homicide expert, he reluctantly asks for his assistance. The murdered man, Mr. Colbert, had come to Sparta from the North to build a new factory and his wife and business associates immediately point the finger at Endicott, the most powerful man in the county and the one who had the most to lose if a major new employer comes to the area. Tibbs’ life is clearly in danger but he perseveres in a highly charged and racially explosive environment until the killer is found. [Plot from]

Royal wedding Street Party!

To celebrate William and Kate’s wedding, my road had a street party which was absolutely amazing, it was much better then I thought it would’ve been. It was such a wonderful atmosphere, the food was great, the people were fun and friendly and it was just a great chance to meet people and to join in the celebrations.

Here some of  the photos of the day 😀

The cakes were so delicious

Fun games that everyone got involved in.


It’s that time in the year when I have to write another essay, so I won’t be blogging that much or doing a lot of art work.

I’m going to try and balance everything out evenly so I have enough time to do other things . (I hope) 😀

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