My mini bathroom objects

Some of the objects that I ordered of Ebay came today. I love opening packages that I get, even though I know what’s inside it’s still exciting. Anyway only 3 of the 5 items came today so I’m hoping they all will arrive by tomorrow. Does the sink look a little bit big? I think I might’ve ordered the wrong size.

Working on dolls house bathroom

Right now I’m working on creating a bathroom set. This is much easier then making the living room as it doesn’t need as much detail.

I brought some items off Ebay and I’m hoping that they all come this week because everything needs to be ready for next week Tuesday when I have my presentation. I’m making my own bath because all the baths on Ebay are not the correct shape. The toilet is perfect and resembles my nans completely.

Getting anxious now

I ordered a window of Ebay on Wednesday 9th February and it still hasn’t come. Looking at my Ebay record they still haven’t even sent the item off yet. AHHHH!

This is going to completely delay me, I’m meant to start measuring and cutting out the window and door tomorrow, which I obviously will not be doing. The door turned up on Friday and I was expecting the window on Saturday. I just really hope it turns up on Tuesday, or I might have to get in contact with the seller and have a bit of a moan. ūüėÄ


Dolls house furniture

All my furniture for my room book came today, I was so excited when I saw all the packages in the postman’s hand that I stopped what I was doing to focus half an hour to opening and looking at the items.

This is literally the layout of the original room (I must see if there is a photograph around to properly refer to). The paper is where the door and window will be.

Things I need to do now is cut out the window and door and apply the wallpaper and flooring. I will be printing out the wallpaper tomorrow, which is very exciting.

I’m a little disappointed in the sofa because it looks very worn and badly made, I’m not sure if I should contact the seller to return them.

Am I over reacting and being fussy? Is this what miniature sofa chairs look like? Someone help!

Yes…I won the bid!

I brought this 3 Piece suite, which has familiarities to my nan’s set. I had to wait for about 5 days but at last it’s over. I always wait until that last 30 seconds to bid just incase someone else is bidding, its so they don’ get a chance to bid again. Luckily this time there was only one other person, so it was an easy bid. I can never understand why people bid 2 days before, I just “watch” that particular item that I am interested in. Does anyone else do this?

I’m expecting the set to be delivered on Tuesday so I have to make sure I’m at home. I couldn’t get the exact photo of the settees that I bided for, however I found one on google images that I think is the same sofas. ¬†However the colour doesn’t look exactly the same, my one is has a hint of green in it.

[Image Digital photo key rings]

A couple of days ago I ordered a 12 socket lighting kit with a 32 bulb transformer, which arrived so quick. The only problem was I wasn’t in. I never realised how big the package would be, the sellers really padded up the items, so the postman left a “pick up” note through my door. I had to go down to the post office to collect it, I’m really glad that I live very close to one.

Extended deadline

I have extended the deadline of ordering all the miniature furniture from the 5th of February until the 8th of February so that there is enough time to actually bid for everything off Ebay. I’m a little disappointed that I have not stuck to this deadline but it is out of my hands.

Some more items purchased off Ebay

I brought some more items off Ebay just now. I brought a miniature floor lamp and a mahogany coffee table. They both look amazing, especially the coffee table which resembles my nan’s so much.

Here are the images;

I’ve realised that I don’t think I’ll be able to meet the deadline of ordering everything off Ebay by tomorrow because some of the bidding times end in 5 days or so, however I’ll order as much as I can.

Just purchased a miniature bookcase

I’m so excited I just purchased a miniature bookcase off Ebay. I brought it for around ¬£4 and I can’t wait for it to come. The bookcase looks exactly like the one my nan used to own, it’s scary.

I was thinking about building one myself, but that would take a long time and this work is more about photography then about building a miniature roombox and furniture.

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