Reworking on my video

Even though I showed my work as my final piece, I wasn’t really happy with how my work has come out, the quality, the voice and the images. So I’m going to improve them and then I’ll show the finished video. 😀

Sneak preview

A preview of my work so far. This image looks better then I thought, I might use this for the final image. The tiles in the background have been printed from the internet, can you tell?

What do you think?

Working on the dolls house toilet

I worked on the room box some more yesterday, but the thing that had my attention the most was the toilet. I at first tried to paint the tank and the toilet seat black however when I applied the paint it would not stay on. I think the coat underneath was gloss or something so for the paint to stay on it has to be sanded down. I did not have no sandpaper so, I added some PVA glue to the paint to see if it would stick, this worked however I had to keep giving it coats. The paint-glue still is not permanent on the toilet and tank because if I pick at it, it will peal off. So I have to be careful. Apart from that I think it turned out looking very good.

My mini bathroom objects

Some of the objects that I ordered of Ebay came today. I love opening packages that I get, even though I know what’s inside it’s still exciting. Anyway only 3 of the 5 items came today so I’m hoping they all will arrive by tomorrow. Does the sink look a little bit big? I think I might’ve ordered the wrong size.

Working on dolls house bathroom

Right now I’m working on creating a bathroom set. This is much easier then making the living room as it doesn’t need as much detail.

I brought some items off Ebay and I’m hoping that they all come this week because everything needs to be ready for next week Tuesday when I have my presentation. I’m making my own bath because all the baths on Ebay are not the correct shape. The toilet is perfect and resembles my nans completely.

This blog continues to inspire me

I’ve posted images of this site before, but her work continues to amaze me. It all just looks so real. Her website is

I really recommend that you visit her site, you will be amazed.

Here are some photos from her blog.

Doll’s house bathroom

I’ve decided that I’m going to make the bathroom for the family photograph project. I was going to make the kitchen but that might take too long time to do. Maybe even longer then it took me to do the living room.

I hope this blog doesn’t get too confusing because I’m going to be jumping backwards and forwards to new projects and old ones because I’m working on both. Ahh stressful!

The family photograph moving images

This is not finished, I am still working on it.

Let me know what you think of the video so far.

Enjoy 😀

The convenor

These are some shots that I took while I was preparing for my convenor.

My convenor went o.k, although I feel that when I presented just my photographs last term it went more smoothly. (Click here to see the photographs).

The main points they focused on was:

  • Why recreate a model, why did I not just use old photographs.
  • The issue with all my lost photographs.
  • The cut out and the background looked fake. e.g. the difference in the depth of field. (some liked it that way) however I did stress that it was not finished.
  • I have gone back to basics, which makes it more real because making models is what people use to do. It has now advanced  to CGI.

Thats all I can remember right now. My brain is still tired from having less then four hours sleep everyday before the convenor.

Doll house living room test image

A test image of how I’m hoping the finished image will look like.

I’m not focused that much on how authentic the room looks anymore. I think if it looked too real then there wouldn’t be anything special about the photographs.

What do you think? 😀

Doll’s house/room box

Nearly finished now. I’m just working on the arm and chair covers. In a previous post I mentioned that I was making some sort of arm cover for my chair, but I did not know the name of it. I have recently discovered that the name is antimacassar and arm caps. 😀 (the material over the chairs).

Enjoy 😀

Doll house/Room box curtains and netting

I made the doll house netting and curtains. I brought the fabric from a local shop that specialises in material, and brought the closest design of what the curtains looked like to me.

I didn’t have to worry about a curtain poll because my nan never had one, she resorted instead to tying up the curtains with string instead. (She made her curtains herself)

So for the doll curtain’s I made little pegs to tie the curtain string around to hold it up. This same peg is to hold the netting up with also.

I was so proud of myself when I was making it, however once it was all completed my feelings quickly change because to my horror I realised I had made the curtains TOO SMALL!

What do you think? Does it really look that bad?

A little bit of sewing

On my nan’s sofas she had material on the arms and over the top of the chairs. I’m not sure what it is actually called (how embarrassing) but they did look lovely in her living room. So right now I am making them as I cannot find them anywhere. So far its ok, but I’m dreading the stage where I have to sew on the flower patterns.

Here is the stencil that I’m using to get the shape and a test piece.

The real finish will be sewn neater and look better 😀

Dolls house window ledge

I made the window ledge out of thick card which I painted white. The thickness of the MDF wood was too thick for the window, that the only way to neaten it was to apply a window ledge. 

Dolls house skirting board

I was a bit worried about how I was going to cut out the angle to join the pieces for the skirting board together. But luckily they had a mitre cut in the woodworks room. Well I think it’s called that, here’s a picture of it.

It was easy to use and a fabulous tool to have. I got the wood strips from the scrap bin, there was so much off cuts. So this was a bonus, something free for a change.

The  skirting board fitted wonderfully, and I think completes the room (I still need to glue them in place).

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