House No˚1

This image might not make much sense, but it is accompanied by a letter (which is quite personal for me to put on the internet yet). It is from to my grandmother to my great grandmother. The letter is addressed to this house that my grandmother no longer lives in. I was so glad that it hadn’t been knocked down because  I went to another house that had been replaced, which was quite upsetting. This image is to do with history of the art and recreating it.

Laughing in the kitchen collage

I’ve been away for quite a while, but I’m back and and producing work again.

Girl sitting on chair collage

Sitting on bedroom floor collage

New image 2

New image

Girls sitting down…collage

I’ve already used this photograph in another of my work pieces here, but I’m experimenting with my work to develop it more. It’s actually quite fun to find backgrounds that match the images 😀

Collaged family photographs

This idea of this collage came when I was working out my locations for my photographs. I couldn’t find a location that did not give away that it is the 21st century. So I scanned in some interior images from a book of the 70s and photoshopped in my family. I’ve come back to this idea and I’m experimenting more. These are not finished

Patrick Caulfield

Patrick Caulfield’s work interests me because it deals with collage with prints and painting.

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