Yes…I won the bid!

I brought this 3 Piece suite, which has familiarities to my nan’s set. I had to wait for about 5 days but at last it’s over. I always wait until that last 30 seconds to bid just incase someone else is bidding, its so they don’ get a chance to bid again. Luckily this time there was only one other person, so it was an easy bid. I can never understand why people bid 2 days before, I just “watch” that particular item that I am interested in. Does anyone else do this?

I’m expecting the set to be delivered on Tuesday so I have to make sure I’m at home. I couldn’t get the exact photo of the settees that I bided for, however I found one on google images that I think is the same sofas. ¬†However the colour doesn’t look exactly the same, my one is has a hint of green in it.

[Image Digital photo key rings]

A couple of days ago I ordered a 12 socket lighting kit with a 32 bulb transformer, which arrived so quick. The only problem was I wasn’t in. I never realised how big the package would be, the sellers really padded up the items, so the postman left a “pick up” note through my door. I had to go down to the post office to collect it, I’m really glad that I live very close to one.

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