All in the name -Barry Gibb’s ft Michael Jackson

(^Studio footage, michael can sing so sweetly.)

New song with Barry Gibb featuring Michael Jackson. It’s so beautiful.

Below is the song in full which was released today. Enjoy 😀


MIchael Jackson… 2 years on

Wow I can hardly believe that it has been 2 years since the death of Michael Jackson. Time has flown so quick. I can clearly remember that tragic night when I recieved a phone call telling me to turn on the news because Michael’s had a heart attack. I ran to the tele and sure enough there was the headlines Michael Jackson’s had a heart attack. My heart was pumping, I was so nervous I could hardly think…Then the headlines changed, Michael Jackson Dead! I gasped and my cousin (on the phone) screamed and hung up the phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I just cried and cried. Around 20 minutes later I started getting phone calls from my friends, asking me if I had heard the news and that they were so sorry. I’m such a big Michael fan so when people who I knew heard the news, they instantly thought of me.

I’ve been a fan for around 15 years, I stuck with him through the good and bad times. He has brought so much joy into my life and so many others. It just annoys me a bit that people are respecting him now that he is dead, where were they before? Well at least I can say I was there and I got to experience his magic.

I feel so lucky that I’ve seen Michael twice, once at the World Music Awards and the other at the O2. Above is my own photograph taken from my camera of Michael at the O2. I know there are a lot of photographs of this occasion, but  this one is special to me because it’s mine.

Prince Mania

I have no idea what has come over me but, for the past 5 months I have been completely obsessed with Prince. From listening to his music I have realised that he is really talented and I don’t think that a lot of people know that he writes and composes his own music. He is pure genius!
A few days ago I ordered some of Prince’s albums from Amazon, I have some already but I really wanted to hear a lot more of his material. So I just did it, and ordered 8 albums and 1 DVD. I was strongly criticised by some friends telling me it’s a complete waste of money and obviously I have nothing better to spend it on. I just laughed it off and asked them to listen to some of his music, they quickly refused lol.
I never download, I just don’t like the idea of it. I prefer to have the CD or the film as an original hard copy, I think it might be because I like collecting things. I still collect and listen to records, I’m just really ‘old school’.
Anyway I thought I’ll show off my mini collection. Enjoy…all you Prince lovers out there 😀
My latest CD’s
All CD’s together apart from 1999 album (below) which arrived separate from the rest today.

Royal wedding Street Party!

To celebrate William and Kate’s wedding, my road had a street party which was absolutely amazing, it was much better then I thought it would’ve been. It was such a wonderful atmosphere, the food was great, the people were fun and friendly and it was just a great chance to meet people and to join in the celebrations.

Here some of  the photos of the day 😀

The cakes were so delicious

Fun games that everyone got involved in.

Women’s periods…whats the problem?

(This is a response to some of the images in my previous post, of women being limited to certain places when on their period.)

The images got me thinking about women’s periods in general and how it’s considered taboo to talk about it. There are a lot of women out there that were told when they first started their period that it should be kept a secret and not paraded around town. It’s something embarrassing and should not be spoken about, especially to men.

So I ask you why is it forbidden to speak about periods when it is natural and happens to every woman?

The view from my studio

This is the view that I took last night from my studio. I can see this far.

Hidden Michael Jackson face in film “Moonwalker”

Has anyone noticed in the film “Moonwalker” with Michael Jackson, when Joe pesci is about to shoot the kids with his big laser and then Michael appears and destroys it. Michael’s face appears under the plane when you hear him shout!

I was completely amazed, I’ve been watching moonwalker with my family for around 15 years and I have never noticed it.  Well today we was all watching it as a family and I was the first to spot it and then we literally rewinded it like 15 times. My other cousins who’ve been watching “Moonwalker” for around 20 years were gobsmacked. Has anyone else seen it?
Here’s a clip from youtube, the face appears from 09:30.

Below is a screen shot that I took.

Michael Jackson records

I couldn’t do much art work because I am still waiting for the window, so I decided to take a trip up to this amazing record store where they have everything from records (vinyl’s) to video cassettes. I hadn’t been there before so I was thoroughly looking forward to the trip.

The first thing I thought about buying when I arrived at the store was some Michael Jackson records. I don’t think that I have mentioned this before, but I am a big Michael Jackson fan and  I love to collect everything about him. Sort of like a memorabilia.

[My collection before I brought my new records, only including LP]

I purposely withdrew ÂŁ10 to go along with my ÂŁ5 because I’d usually go out of control and end up buying everything there. And right now I need the money, so I prefer to buy things gradually. I have to follow this rule strictly because near the end of last year, I went to stay with one of my friends in Southampton. There was a record store there and I brought lots of vinyl’s without considered the amount of money that I would actually need for my stay. Literally by the end of the week I had no money, and had to scrape money together for my train from Waterloo station back home.

[The new record singles I brought today]

I was so happy when I saw the records, they were even in its own special section called “Jackson” so that made it very easy for me to find them.

Anyway I chose all singles from the bad album because they were in mint condition, and Bad is my favourite album 😀

Next I’m buying some more of The Jacksons records.

How embarrassing!

Something really embarrassing happened to me a couple of days ago. I brought a packet of crisps at the shop because I was really hungry and I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and it now was 5 o’clock in the evening. I was walking along the street eating the crisps and enjoying them thoroughly when all of a sudden a gust of wind came along and blew them out of my hands into the road. I didn’t no what do to. I felt so uncomfortable as if the  whole world was watching me. I didn’t want to stand there looking miserable as if I really wanted to eat them so I just walked on. How embarrassing! Writing this I can do nothing but laugh, its hilarious.

More and more reading!!!!

I’m spending the majority of my time reading and it always gets harder the later the time gets.

What doesn’t help is that 2 weeks ago I found out I was dyslexic. My working memory is really bad so I find it difficult to remember things. I always believed it was just me, I wasn’t concentrating enough. Another problem of mine was I couldn’t remember peoples birth dates or names, It may of come off as rude to other people that I had no time to remember people names, but I truly couldn’t remember it.

I’m really embarrassed to admit, but I still after 9 years can’t remember what my youngest sisters birthdate is, no matter how much I try.

New website

Today I should be seeing someone about starting my own website. I know I’m going to need it after I finish my degree  but I want to make sure its up and running fully by then, (I can’t stand those last minute stresses).

I’m hoping that it doesn’t cost that much because I’m going to have to pay for it what ever the price.

Noel Clarke interview on Youtube

Here is the interview that was held at my University on the 24th of November 2010 with British film director and actor Noel Clarke. This is a must see!

Noel Clarke Visits my University

Today at my university, I attended the “Olive Till Memorial Debate” which I think happens once a year (this was my first time attending). 

This years guest was British director, actor and screen writer Noel Clarke. 

Noel’s best work that I’ve seen is the hit films Kidulthood and Adulthood, which he directed and acted in.
The discussion was really great, Noel did a brilliant job of explaining his films and the industry. The words that I’m really looking for is that he “kept it real”, he gave blunt answers about his experience in the business and the difficulties that he went through. He spoke the truth and told of all the corruption and stereotypes that people have in producing certain films.
One part that I clearly remembered was when he said as an example:
You can go into a meeting and present your storyline and script e.g a black man becoming a doctor, and they will think no, its not what they are looking for. But if you come in with a black man becoming a gangster they are more than happy to produce the film.
I would love to get the transcript from tonight, they were filming it because I know that it was recorded, and the discussion would make a lot more sense
Noel is a really funny guy and kept everyone laughing, his interaction with the audience was the best especially when some women shouted from the back stating that “this is Goldsmiths University and the sound should be better”. Noel responded with “alright don’t get your knickers in a twist”and continually checked that she could hear throughout the remainder of the time. 

Apologies if none of this makes sense, I’m too tired to think.

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