The Middle Passage

I’m not going to write much about this but right now I’m researching some work on slavery and I came across this short clip from the International Slavery Museum, which shows very well what these innocent Africans went through. This clip moved me so much I had to share it. The website I found it from is

2 Responses to The Middle Passage

  1. Hi Hannah,
    As the designer and director of the ‘Middle Passage sequence’ for the National Slaver Museum I was delighted to read that you found the sequence very moving – exactly the effect I hoped it would have. Having spent a considerable amount of time researching the Middle Passage, I was keen to ensure that the sequence conveyed the true horror, fear and distress the passage caused to the people incarcerated – rather than it just be a cold, factual account dealing in numbers and dates.
    So thank you once again.

    Avram Buchanan
    Creative Director
    Limehouse Heritage

    • Hannah says:

      Thank you for your feedback đŸ˜€
      I felt that your work showed the truth of how it would have been. Every thing from the sounds and the emotions. I truly felt that I was a slave experiencing it with them. Great work.

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