Finally painted the window and door but with an error

I brought all my work home yesterday as I didn’t really feel like working in my studio.

For some reason it took me a long time to paint the window and door, too long in fact. But I eventually did it. I got a great tip from my tutor to add a piece of cardboard over the door so that it looked like the original one that my nan had and not the popular four panel door design that I brought of Ebay. (Do you like my temporary cutting board? I left my usual one in the studio :D)

I tried different thicknesses of card, however I preferred to use the blue card as it was thiner. This allowed the door to open without getting stuck.

This is the finished door which isn’t as smooth as I hoped. I thought I had a finished image of the window, but oh well. I got carried away with my painting that it slipped my mind not to paint the wood where it will not be seen in the doll house because it won’t fit. It already was a tight squeeze with applying any paint.

So thats the trouble that occurred. The door and window would not fit through the holes and I had already applied the wallpaper so I wasn’t able to sand down the edges. My only option was to scrape away the acrylic paint. Luckily it eventually fitted, but it is much tighter than before.

I forgot to mention that I changed the wallpaper because I felt the previous one was to grand for the type of room and period my room is set in.

2 Responses to Finally painted the window and door but with an error

  1. Babygirl says:

    Wow, I think you did an excellent job. Of course I know when you’re creative, you become anal on perfection (I should know lol). But I really like it. It looked real to me.

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