Technique to create a miniature photograph

I noticed when I was taking photographs of the room box, I was able to take a photo of all the furniture together.(Refer here to see what I mean) This got me thinking…it would not have be possible to do, it is not possible for me to do in my own home. It really has too much information in the image so the scale of the photograph needs to match the scale of the room.

An idea that came to me was to make the the viewer smaller (if you know what I mean), and to do this I got some black card and cut out a square to the circumference  of the lens. I started with drawing out a smaller square on the card of the 35mm film measurements of a single frame.

I decreased the size by 1/2 a millimetre all around and cut it out.

I cut out 4 smaller rectangles so that it will sit comfortable on the lens without me holding it. This was then glued together.

Where I cut the hole, it revealed on the rim the white underneath the black card. I wasn’t sure if it would show so I painted it with black paint. (If any of that makes any sense).

I then sealed the cracked with gaffer tape to finish the lens box.

This it the final result of what the lens box looks like on. The scale is better and for some reason I really like the black frame around it. It sort of reminds me of a projector video. I defiantly might continue this idea further. If I change my mind I can easily crop it.

I really need to work on the lighting because as you can see it looks very bright.

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