Sam Taylor-wood “Crying Men”

I was in the library today and I came across this artist’s book by Sam Taylor Wood called “Crying Me”. The title and the image on the front of Hayden Christensen, drew me to look inside the book. Inside was a wide variety of actors all crying or looking sad, it was amazing to see so much well known actors in the book. I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard of it before. It’s really interesting because you see all these men crying, letting their emotions out… yet you can’t help but wonder are they acting?

Anyway it got me thinking about my own work and how I too have images of “emotions” (which I prefer to call it as it is not just about crying). This work is so close to mine yet I find it more interesting to look at. Ignoring that all the men are known celebrities, the images would still naturally stand out to me even if they were the average men.

I know the world is a big place and no one can really have an original idea anymore, but I really would’ve liked to have had a piece of work that is not the same as someone else. I feel now with my “emotions” piece that I’m now going to be considered not original even though I thought of the idea myself…I’m  being ridiculous  because looking at other artists works is beneficial to another’s work to help them improve and to help not make the same mistakes as the artists before.

Here are some of my images. Click on the image to see more of this particular art work or click here to see all my completed artwork.

(the images look different here to the link as I am in the process of changing the brightness and contrast of some of my images because they are too dark.)

Here are some images from the book.

Actors from top to bottom: Daniel Craig, Tim Roth, Hayden Christensen and Robin Williams.


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