Just purchased a miniature bookcase

I’m so excited I just purchased a miniature bookcase off Ebay. I brought it for around £4 and I can’t wait for it to come. The bookcase looks exactly like the one my nan used to own, it’s scary.

I was thinking about building one myself, but that would take a long time and this work is more about photography then about building a miniature roombox and furniture.

Doll’s house wallpaper

I found a couple of doll’s house printable wallpapers at this amazing website called Jennifer’s free doll house and miniature printables. I really suggest a visit to this site because you will be amazed.

I’m not sure if I will use these wallpapers but there is something very familiar about them, it resembles wallpaper in one of the rooms which I cannot remember. I think it might’ve been the bedroom, I’ll have to check with my mum. Anyway what do you think of the wallpapers below?

Task completed: Making the roombox

My task is complete. I have completed the deadline days early which is a great start to my commitment to the work.

The next task that I have now set for myself is to have ordered the majority of my products online by the 5th February. This does not include when they arrive.

Another task is to find the carpet and wallpaper for the room box and have them printed by the 9th February.

image from www.123rf.com/stock-photo/accept_check_box.html

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