A little bit of sewing

On my nan’s sofas she had material on the arms and over the top of the chairs. I’m not sure what it is actually called (how embarrassing) but they did look lovely in her living room. So right now I am making them as I cannot find them anywhere. So far its ok, but I’m dreading the stage where I have to sew on the flower patterns.

Here is the stencil that I’m using to get the shape and a test piece.

The real finish will be sewn neater and look better 😀

Dolls house window ledge

I made the window ledge out of thick card which I painted white. The thickness of the MDF wood was too thick for the window, that the only way to neaten it was to apply a window ledge. 

Dolls house skirting board

I was a bit worried about how I was going to cut out the angle to join the pieces for the skirting board together. But luckily they had a mitre cut in the woodworks room. Well I think it’s called that, here’s a picture of it.

It was easy to use and a fabulous tool to have. I got the wood strips from the scrap bin, there was so much off cuts. So this was a bonus, something free for a change.

The  skirting board fitted wonderfully, and I think completes the room (I still need to glue them in place).

The view from my studio

This is the view that I took last night from my studio. I can see this far.

Doll house carpet

The carpet is finally down! I’m getting really excited now because I am so close to finishing this miniature house.

I got this one off Ebay, they didn’t have much patterned ones and this was the closest one that resembled my nans.

Doll house door fitted

Some photograph’s with the door in place. It’s a real tight squeeze and  I have to give the door a big push for it to open.

Finally painted the window and door but with an error

I brought all my work home yesterday as I didn’t really feel like working in my studio.

For some reason it took me a long time to paint the window and door, too long in fact. But I eventually did it. I got a great tip from my tutor to add a piece of cardboard over the door so that it looked like the original one that my nan had and not the popular four panel door design that I brought of Ebay. (Do you like my temporary cutting board? I left my usual one in the studio :D)

I tried different thicknesses of card, however I preferred to use the blue card as it was thiner. This allowed the door to open without getting stuck.

This is the finished door which isn’t as smooth as I hoped. I thought I had a finished image of the window, but oh well. I got carried away with my painting that it slipped my mind not to paint the wood where it will not be seen in the doll house because it won’t fit. It already was a tight squeeze with applying any paint.

So thats the trouble that occurred. The door and window would not fit through the holes and I had already applied the wallpaper so I wasn’t able to sand down the edges. My only option was to scrape away the acrylic paint. Luckily it eventually fitted, but it is much tighter than before.

I forgot to mention that I changed the wallpaper because I felt the previous one was to grand for the type of room and period my room is set in.

Hidden Michael Jackson face in film “Moonwalker”

Has anyone noticed in the film “Moonwalker” with Michael Jackson, when Joe pesci is about to shoot the kids with his big laser and then Michael appears and destroys it. Michael’s face appears under the plane when you hear him shout!

I was completely amazed, I’ve been watching moonwalker with my family for around 15 years and I have never noticed it.  Well today we was all watching it as a family and I was the first to spot it and then we literally rewinded it like 15 times. My other cousins who’ve been watching “Moonwalker” for around 20 years were gobsmacked. Has anyone else seen it?
Here’s a clip from youtube, the face appears from 09:30.

Below is a screen shot that I took.

Applying the window and door

Today I cut out the sections of the wood where the door and window would go. It fit nicely however the walls surrounding the window is a bit uneven so I’ll have to fix that bit later.

I also fixed the wallpaper permanently onto the wall although I did not complete this as I needed to print out more. I’m very disappointed with the amount of work I did today, hopefully I will do a lot more tomorrow.

Doll house miniature printable books

I need more books for my book shelf and I found the best place!

At first I was going to make all the books individually, so I am thankful I found this website where I can make the books in bulk. It saves me a lot of time.

Customised doll house window

For ages I have been searching for a window that resembled my aunts, but taking a tip from “Cathy’s doll house miniatures” blog, I realised I can design my own by removing all the frames. The image above is the beginning stages.

A sneak preview

I took some photographs yesterday of my sister dressing up around the period of late 1960s to early 70s. This time however I didn’t have to do my usual ritual of begging and offering her money. Well I did offer her £10 for what turned out to be a only  10 minute shoot (complete rip off!). Instead this time it was complaints about being uncomfortable, the wig making her head itch and telling me to hurry up. The wig started off looking nice, neat and well combed but then ended up looking a complete mess. The wig is on the top of my list to be fixed in photoshop.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the photographs…enjoy!

Tracey Moffatt: Scarred for life

I spoke to my tutor about wanting to use text with my family photograph series and he suggested for me to look at the artist Tracy Moffatt’s series called “Scarred for life”. The series is great and the text goes well with all the images.

I think Moffatt has influenced me to add hard hitting text to my images, so that it is clear what my work is about and gives the series more of a reason.

Michael Jackson records

I couldn’t do much art work because I am still waiting for the window, so I decided to take a trip up to this amazing record store where they have everything from records (vinyl’s) to video cassettes. I hadn’t been there before so I was thoroughly looking forward to the trip.

The first thing I thought about buying when I arrived at the store was some Michael Jackson records. I don’t think that I have mentioned this before, but I am a big Michael Jackson fan and  I love to collect everything about him. Sort of like a memorabilia.

[My collection before I brought my new records, only including LP]

I purposely withdrew £10 to go along with my £5 because I’d usually go out of control and end up buying everything there. And right now I need the money, so I prefer to buy things gradually. I have to follow this rule strictly because near the end of last year, I went to stay with one of my friends in Southampton. There was a record store there and I brought lots of vinyl’s without considered the amount of money that I would actually need for my stay. Literally by the end of the week I had no money, and had to scrape money together for my train from Waterloo station back home.

[The new record singles I brought today]

I was so happy when I saw the records, they were even in its own special section called “Jackson” so that made it very easy for me to find them.

Anyway I chose all singles from the bad album because they were in mint condition, and Bad is my favourite album 😀

Next I’m buying some more of The Jacksons records.

Getting anxious now

I ordered a window of Ebay on Wednesday 9th February and it still hasn’t come. Looking at my Ebay record they still haven’t even sent the item off yet. AHHHH!

This is going to completely delay me, I’m meant to start measuring and cutting out the window and door tomorrow, which I obviously will not be doing. The door turned up on Friday and I was expecting the window on Saturday. I just really hope it turns up on Tuesday, or I might have to get in contact with the seller and have a bit of a moan. 😀


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