Dollhouse prototype

Today I planned to do a quick prototype of how I want my model to be. Well I wanted it to be quick but I ended up spending a lot more time then I actually planned. One thing that has really confused me is the size, I’m not exactly sure what is the right thing for the miniature furniture that I’m planning to buy soon.

I tried to do some research and look around on the internet and I found out that the popular size used today on miniature houses is 1:12. So 1 foot = 1 inch. This sounded perfect sense to me so I decided to measure my living room and bring it down  in scale. It came out really big and was nothing like the size rooms of the doll’s houses I saw on the internet. So I looked around a bit more and found a size room on models called “Room boxes”. Instead of someone building a dollhouse the rooms are just built, which is exactly what I am doing. The size was length: 12 inches, width: 10 inches and height: 9 inches. This sounded much more correct and I built my prototype from this measurement.

All the different angles that could be taken up close and because the walls are removable means from any direction too.

Woud love feedback on this design. Is it any good?


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