Mortise and Tenon Joint

The particular wood joint that I want to use is perhaps the mortise and tenon joint. Although it seems it is only used for joining thin objects like a leg of a chair or something, it will be easier to constantly place it in the wood and to take it out. Anyway my model will not be that big anyway so it will be able to withstand the weight of the wood.

I found some great information on the tenon and mortise joint at this site

They are not easy joints to make. The secret in making a good tenon joint lies in careful and accurate marking (See: Mark and measure).The tenon’s width should not be less than a third of the thickness of the wood especially if wood of the same thickness is joined. The shoulders may be of any width and may also be offset when the mortise is made in rebated wood. Make the mortise before rebating the wood. If the top of the mortised wood is to be in line with the edge of the tenoned wood a haunched tenon can be made with the haunch cut back to be in line with the shoulders.


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