Tomorrow… D-Day!

Tomorrows the big day when I show my work, which surprisingly I’m sort of looking forward to.

I’ve been planning what to say, It doesn’t flow but I’m only making points but here’s  the gist of it;

By dressing my family members up as if they too were from the past, I’m trying to make the past become the present. Seeing them in those positions makes me think about that time. I wonder what they would have been thinking, what was happening that day, what they had planned.

These photos are about bringing back past lives. People after a while tend to forget what older generations have experienced through a period of time e.g. life, education. I’m trying to remember these through photographs.I’m doing this because I wish I asked my nan what it was like for her when she grew up, what her life was like, her experiences. So my family dressing up, I try to imagine what life may have been like.

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense, I’m almost falling asleep.

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