I’m going to be absent for about a week or more, so I won’t be blogging. I’m concentrating more on my essay, which is due in when I return back to university after the Christmas holidays. I cannot wait till I get back to what I love doing best, taking photographs.

More and more reading!!!!

I’m spending the majority of my time reading and it always gets harder the later the time gets.

What doesn’t help is that 2 weeks ago I found out I was dyslexic. My working memory is really bad so I find it difficult to remember things. I always believed it was just me, I wasn’t concentrating enough. Another problem of mine was I couldn’t remember peoples birth dates or names, It may of come off as rude to other people that I had no time to remember people names, but I truly couldn’t remember it.

I’m really embarrassed to admit, but I still after 9 years can’t remember what my youngest sisters birthdate is, no matter how much I try.

New editing today

I’m getting excited!

I started editing my photographs with the found images today. It was a lot of hard work, and one thing I need is patience when I’m going through all those layers. It is far from complete but I think I have something interesting up my sleeve.

I don’t usually post my pictures on before they are completed but I think I might so that you can see the process of how I edit my photographs. Or is that part important about my work?  Hmm it is “behind the scenes” after all.

This is the found background image that I got from a book. I wanted something that didn’t scream wealth or  a show room.

More images coming soon.

I’ve been really busy

I haven’t really posted much recently because I  have been really busy with my essay that I have to write each term. So I’m just had my head in books.

Tomorrow I have a tutorial with a visiting artist, so later on I’m going to grab my mum and make her be in a shoot. It’s gonna be stressful because I’ll have to then edited it at uni in the morning because I don’t have photoshop at home. My tutorials at 3:45 so I have quite a long time  to do some work.

Things to do

List of things to now do.

  • Take pictures of my family in a neutral colour background so that it is easy for me to photoshop them into found interior images.
  • Paint one of the images
  • Make a film
  • Read

…in search of Domain registrar

This is harder than I thought, I don’t know which Domain name registrar to choose. I want a reliable and trustworthy company that is going to communicate well and is a good price. Why is this hard to find? I need advice.

New images uploaded

I have put the images for my latest project online on my other blog click here to see the images, or click the image below to see the full blog.

New website

Today I should be seeing someone about starting my own website. I know I’m going to need it after I finish my degree  but I want to make sure its up and running fully by then, (I can’t stand those last minute stresses).

I’m hoping that it doesn’t cost that much because I’m going to have to pay for it what ever the price.

Note to self

Unfinished works that I need to remember to continue.

Images….coming soon!

I know I said that I would put the images on after my convenor, but as I’m without my USB  so they will be going on on Monday.

My best convenor so far!

I was actually very surprised at how well my  convenor went today. I changed around what I wanted to say. I had it typed up and ready because, I find it difficult to explain my work clearly for others to understand.

I was so nervous with my presentation that I barely heard what the 6 people who showed there work before me said. Some of their work was really interesting and they explained it well and confident. Because of the snow, not much people turned up, although it wasn’t noticeable.

The first to do there presentation was a 2nd year student (they will go unnamed for now). She started off by doing a group meditation, which was quite relaxing. Then she went into the whole subject of feminism. It was a good discussion and she explained and answered her questions well.

Next was a third year, who stencilled his date of birth in numbers all around his chair really small. This took him forever to do.

I felt sorry for the second year student who came next, she found an image of stuffed bear and loved it so much she made it for herself as a teddy bear. She took pictures of it as if it was a real person, taking it everywhere with her. It was meant for comfort, which some picked up on and interpreted it as a replacement for a relationship. Being a childhood toy was also spoken about. Then she began to say she was wasting everyones time with this piece because she didn’t feel it was art work, just something she likes doing. People responded by saying that she wasn’t wasting anyones time, then she just broke down and cried. It was quite sad and she obviously has some deeper feelings that she wasn’t talking about in her piece. We then moved on to the next person.

Next was a first year who showed a video. The video was quite funny it was her dressed up in black leggings and leotard with a paper large cat mask. The film opened up with the cat coming into the screen from below with the theme tune of “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston/ Dolly Parton. It was played on a wind instrument and added to the humour of the video, which I don’t think was intentionally made to be funny. The rest of the film was her running around with glistening and sparkling effects to it, and cats appearing out her crotch. The whole point of her film was that people  love pets more than humans. Some disagreed however I completely agreed with her, I think the question I would ask is, “if there was one life you could save between a cat and a human, what would you pick?”

Fifth was a third year who painted landscapes, which didn’t follow the conventional way of painting. The paints were dripping all over the image as if someone had poured water from the top.

A second year who I had never seen before, showed a video about her childhood memories which I didn’t fully understand.

And then it was me. I was so nervous but I told myself to calm down and speak confidently. I explained my work and waited for questions. At first there was silence but slowly people began to ask questions. The main questions that I got was:

Do you think that it is important that we know its your family members taking pictures as if they were the older generations from the past?

Yes, however it may not be important to you as they are just strangers in your eyes.

Would you consider putting it in a book?

I have never thought about it, but it is something that I will consider.

I don’t think it matters that it looks like a professional photographer who took the image.

Looking at it now, I’m starting to see that it works, even though it is something I did not plan. I wanted that family album look, so that it works more with the time period.

The images look like film stills.

I think the multiple images makes it this way. I think I added more than one image because its something that I usually do. But I’m thinking about using film in my next piece.

The multiple images makes it different from the usual old photographs.

My comments and answers have been simplified. I have a mental block right now, but if I remember more comments I will put them on the blog.

My convenor overall was a success and went as smoothly as I could wish for. It brought up topics that led people to talk with each other about what they thought. The most important thing was that people understood what I was talking about.

Tomorrow… D-Day!

Tomorrows the big day when I show my work, which surprisingly I’m sort of looking forward to.

I’ve been planning what to say, It doesn’t flow but I’m only making points but here’s  the gist of it;

By dressing my family members up as if they too were from the past, I’m trying to make the past become the present. Seeing them in those positions makes me think about that time. I wonder what they would have been thinking, what was happening that day, what they had planned.

These photos are about bringing back past lives. People after a while tend to forget what older generations have experienced through a period of time e.g. life, education. I’m trying to remember these through photographs.I’m doing this because I wish I asked my nan what it was like for her when she grew up, what her life was like, her experiences. So my family dressing up, I try to imagine what life may have been like.

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense, I’m almost falling asleep.


I have finally printed of the images that I’m  going to show on Friday. I printed them early because I didn’t want to have any problems tomorrow with the printer, and by the look of the snowy weather, I feared some of the computer technicians wouldn’t be in.

I printed the images all at A4 size. There are 8 images in total, so the cost was £2.50 per sheet giving a grand price total of £20 which is not a bad price. The whole printing process took a long time to do because the printer and computer kept playing up and printed some of the images darker than what it was. But in the end I was very happy with my prints.

I will be posting the 8 images onto here after my convenor on Friday!

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