Plans for Friday

The group tutorial wasn’t anything special really, we just had to sort out which order we wanted to present our work in. Usually there is 6 people showing per convenor, but for some reason we have 8 people and some of them never turned up today. Friday is going to be a long day. We have 20 minutes to explain our work and have a question and answer session (which I’m dreading), so we are going to be there forever.

I didn’t mind when I presented as long as it wasn’t first or last, I ended up being 7th which isn’t that bad. The only problem is that half the people in the room by then would be falling asleep, so I won’t be getting much out of it.

I would have finished editing my photographs today but I forgot my USB with all my images on them at home, I was so disappointed, what a waste of a day.


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