Presentation idea #1

The first idea that I had to present my work was on a slides projector. I had this idea for quite sometime as its an old piece of equipment that was very common mainly during the 1950s and 1970s.

However after reviewing my idea, I came to the conclusion that it won’t be the best thing to present my work on.
The reasons for this are;
1. Having a projector makes it become a part of the art work.
2. Slide projectors were mainly used in the education system to present work for presentations.
3. To become a slide the images would usually have had some importance e.g a family holiday or a special occasion. It wasn’t just for the everyday life, which people rarely took photographs of.
4. I would have to produce around 80 photographs to fill the whole slide, or make multiple images so that it loops with no gaps. 

The image above is a 1960s slide projector. The images came from Wikipedia.
The type of slide projectors that are more commonly used today is the carousel slide projector (left). This is a close model that I would have used if I was going to use the projector.

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