Time to meditate

I had a tutorial today. I showed my work to my tutor to get some feed back on how she thought my work was going. Some interesting points she made was;

->What genre of photography is it?
I would need to do more research on family photographs, as my images have a look of a professional photographer taking the photos.
There was always a reason why someone took a photograph e.g birthdays, weddings or on holiday so they would save the film until these special moments, as each film was expensive. Its not like today where people have the opportunity to take as many photographs they want.
We no longer capture our whole holiday in a roll of 36 film, on my last holiday I took over 2,000 images and that wasn’t enough.
I will look at my own family photographs and mirror them, this will help me to learn how to take a photograph in that style.
-> I will need to really think about what I find really interesting about what I am doing.
-> Last, I need to read more on life for black people in the 60s and 70s.

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