Vintage GPO 746 telephone

To make my photographs look genuine, I decided to purchase a Vintage GPO 746 telephone off Ebay. This specific telephone first came out in 1969, and was really popular during the 70s. (My mum still remembers when she used to have one.)

I am in love with my telephone, it is in full working condition, the body is an original, the dial works smoothly and it has the same high pitched ring to it. The only thing that has changed is the wiring and it has been converted to be used on today’s BT lines.
Everything about it brings back memories for my family.
My favourite aspect of this telephone is the dial, its what makes the phone. Its really exciting to dial the numbers individually, waiting for the dial to roll back to its original place so that I can select the next number.
It’s exhilarating!!!!!!!!



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