Imitation of life -1959

This film was recommended to me to watch by my tutor. I’d never heard of this it but I am so glad I’ve now watched it, it is a touching and emotional film.

For those of you who have not watched it, I really recommend that you do.
It starts with two single mothers who meet on the beach in 1947. Aspiring actress Lora Meredith (played by Lana Turner) and daughter Susie (played by both Sandra Dee and Terry Burnham) quickly become friends with struggling mum Annie Johnson (played by Juanita Moore) and daughter Sarah Jane (played by both Susan Kohner and Karin Dicker) accepting them into there home. The film goes off into two stories, Lora striving to become a well known model and actress, but ignoring and putting her daughter second while doing so. And Annie and African-American who tries her hardest to make her daughter (who is a very light skinned girl) accept who she is. Sarah Jane throughout the whole film rejects the fact that she has black heritage and tries her hardest to pass as a white girl, thus disowning her mother.
A powerful and memorable quote from the film, “How do you explain to your child…she was born to be hurt”.

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